Postat pe: Tuesday February 10th, 2009

I am Rares, I was born in August 2003 and I am an angel for my parents.

Unfortunately, I cannot rejoice as everybody else, I cannot fly, because my wings were broken when I was diagnosed with autism… and… I cannot understand you and your world.

Beginning in January 2008, my world began to change. It was a gleam of hope: mammy and daddy found four fairies to play with me, all supervised by a chief fairy. The game is called ABA, and little by little, I think, I will come to understand the world that surrounds me, to clear up the meaning of the words that are spoken to me, and maybe, someday, a miracle will take place and I will be able to talk too …

But my new ABA toys cost a fortune and I see mammy and daddy struggling. So I’ve decided to try to help too, to buy the “toys” that I need. I’ve thought of people with good hearts, that will want to help my parents to buy all I need for my treatment, so one day to be able to tell them “Mammy, daddy, I love you!”